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Some of you may already be familiar with Dale Bredesen, MD, research neurologist at the Buck Institute for Aging.  His article on Alzheimer’s Disease in the journal, Aging, describes his unique and powerful protocol for those suffering from memory loss.   It’s a multi-faceted approach including medical, metabolic, and cognitive strategies that aims to intervene as early as possible, ideally before significant deterioration has taken place.

“Our hope is to develop treatments that will successfully reset the imbalance in the memory-making, memory-breaking processes that we believe leads to Alzheimer’s disease.”

– Dale Bredesen, MD

I am working with NY physicians, who specialize in the Bredesen Protocol, to implement these strategies with patients suffering from memory loss. To see if this work might be a worthwhile approach for you or a family member, please contact me to discuss this work.

Here is Dr. Bredesen’s article from the journal Aging

A September 2017 Interview with Dale Bredesen MD

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