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Yoga Injuries

Dr. Richard Kowal  -  - Chiropractor

Richard Kowal DC, CDN

Chiropractor and Nutritionist on the Upper West Side, NY and Westport, CT

Yoga Injuries

I love yoga. I organize my whole weekly schedule around my yoga classes!  Helping others to get back to pain free practice is something I really enjoy.

First I’ll watch you take the posture or postures in which you feel pain or restricted movement. Then, after determining the origin of the pain or restriction, we’ll recheck the posture progressively as we work, to verify that the posture has become freer, easier and less painful.

If needed, I’ll suggest modifications to your regular practice so you can continue to practice with ease.

Fees & Insurance


Will you file a claim with my insurance company or is that my responsibility?

Yes. If we are under contract with your insurance company, we will collect the co-payment at the time of your visit and submit the claim for you. 


What are the rates if you are out of network with my insurance plan?

If we do not currently participate in your health insurance plan and you have out of network
benefits we will file a claim directly with your insurance company.  Please call the office to
find out what your ‘co-pay’ would be.


We never perform any service without discussing it, and its cost with you beforehand, and receiving your approval. We are very respectful around finances, and no one ever receives a bill from “out of nowhere” from us!

Give a call to discuss your specific health concerns with Dr. Kowal and he’ll be able to clarify what finances, evaluative services and/or care would look like for you personally.


Some of the plans and providers we accept

Oxford Health
United Healthcare