Pulsed Radio Frequency

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Pulsed Radio Frequency

Transcutaneous Pulsed Radiofrequency is a non-surgical treatment for nerves.  Using the FDA Approved Stimpod NMS 460, this therapy is proving to be a breakthrough treatment for nerve related problems such as ‘foot drop’, diabetic neuropathy, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Bell’s Palsy, phantom limb pain, and many other peripheral neuropathies which cause pain and/or weakness in the limbs. It can also be used to treat the neuropathic pain that may be present as a result of shoulder, hip or knee arthritis.

We are one of just a few offices in Manhattan treating with the Stimpod NMS 460 at this time.

Fees & Insurance


Will you file a claim with my insurance company or is that my responsibility?

Yes. If we are under contract with your insurance company, we will collect the co-payment at the time of your visit and submit the claim for you. 


What are the rates if you are out of network with my insurance plan?

If we do not currently participate in your health insurance plan and you have out of network benefits we will file a claim directly with your insurance company.  You can expect your out of pocket expense to be $65.for regular office visits.


Medicare: Please call to speak with us personally so we can review your specific Medicare benefits and give you an exact answer regarding finances.


We never perform any service without discussing it, and its cost with you beforehand, and receiving your approval. We are very respectful around finances, and no one ever receives a bill from “out of nowhere” from us!

Give a call to discuss your specific health concerns with Dr. Kowal and he’ll be able to clarify what finances, evaluative services and/or care would look like for you personally.


Some of the plans and providers we accept

Oxford Health
United Healthcare