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Richard Kowal, DC, CDN -  - Chiropractor

Richard Kowal DC, CDN

Chiropractor and Nutritionist on the Upper West Side, NY and Westport, CT


Pain can fall into two categories, Nociceptive Pain and Neuropathic Pain.  Nociceptive pain is caused by actual tissue damage such as a herniated disc, a broken bone or any part of us that’s been injured or damaged.

Neuropathic Pain is caused by damage or disease that specifically affects the nervous system.  It may have started out as the first kind of pain but it now exists just in the nerve itself. There may not be an obvious source of pain and it can even occur spontaneously. People often describe neuropathic pain as ‘burning, tingling or shooting pain’.

Dr. Kowal uses a therapy called Transcutaneous Pulsed Radiofrequency (or TPRF) to specifically treat neuropathic pain. 


What is Transcutaneous Pulsed Radiofrequency (TPRF)?

TPRF is a non-surgical treatment for nerves.  Using the FDA Approved Stimpod NMS 460, this therapy is proving to be a breakthrough treatment for nerve related problems such as ‘foot drop’, diabetic neuropathy, CRPS, phantom limb pain, and many other peripheral neuropathies which cause pain and/or weakness in the limbs. It can also be used to treat the neuropathic pain that may be part of shoulder, hip or knee arthritis.

We are one of just a few offices in Manhattan treating with the Stimpod NMS 460 at this time.


Some of the plans and providers we accept

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