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Foot Drop

Richard Kowal, DC, CDN -  - Chiropractor

Richard Kowal DC, CDN

Chiropractor and Nutritionist on the Upper West Side, NY and Westport, CT

Foot Drop

Foot Drop means that you’ve lost the ability to lift the front part of your foot as you walk.  It usually appears as a result of problems that began in the spine and irritated the nerves supplying the muscles that lift the front of the foot.  But for many people, the weakness in these foot muscles continues to be present even after they’ve had spinal surgery to correct the original problem.

Foot Drop makes it difficult to walk steadily without a cane and/or a ‘splint’ to help stabilize the weakness of the foot.

I utilize Transcutaneous Pulsed Radio Frequency (TPRF) to treat Foot Drop. TPRF is a non-surgical treatment for nerves.  The FDA Approved Stimpod NMS 460 is proving to be a breakthrough treatment for nerve-related problems such as Foot Drop.  We are one of just a few offices in Manhattan treating with the Stimpod NMS 460 at this time.  Please feel free to call me to find out more about TPRF for the treatment of your Foot Drop.


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