Hip Pain

Richard Kowal DC, CDN

Chiropractor and Nutritionist on the Upper West Side, New York, NY

Hip Pain

Pain in the hip region with walking, especially with stairs, can result from soft tissue problems in the hip or from arthritis of the hip or even a combination of both.  You might also notice a tight and painful hip in yoga practice or even crossing your legs.

First, I’ll determine the origin of your hip pain and then I’ll use a combination of therapies to help eliminate your pain and improve your range of motion.

I also work closely with Dr. Craig Dushey at Mt. Sinai, a hip and knee orthopedic specialist. If necessary to clarify the diagnosis, we’ll arrange for an x-ray and orthopedic evaluation of your hip.

Fees & Insurance


Will you file a claim with my insurance company or is that my responsibility?

Yes. If we are under contract with your insurance company, we will collect the co-payment at the time of your visit and submit the claim for you. 


What are the rates if you are out of network with my insurance plan?

If we do not currently participate in your health insurance plan and you have out of network benefits we will file a claim directly with your insurance company.  You can expect your out of pocket expense to be $65.for regular office visits.


Medicare: Please call to speak with us personally so we can review your specific Medicare benefits and give you an exact answer regarding finances.